Channel, Healer & Ceremonialist


Who I Was

My journey is one of separation and homecoming. For 10 years of my life, I numbed out with partying. After college I was a Program Manager at Google working on various hardware products while inside, my spirit was dying. An enlightened manager of mine told me “if you’re still doing this in ten years, I will be disappointed.” And gave me a reflection of what he saw in me beyond the walls of the corporate world that I will be forever grateful for.

Through a series of initiations and awakenings, I left the tech world and traveled solo for 10 months where I dove deep and learned what it means to be fully guided by Spirit and feel at home in myself.

Who I am

I make bridges between business and awakening. I ignite a collective remembering. I am a student of Ascension. I am a channel for the Stars. I am learning about oppressive systems and how I've contributed to them. I am a believer in liberation. I am a cacao ceremonialist. I am a teacher of ritual. I am a retreat facilitator. A harmonizer. An Aquarius sun. An Enneagram 9. A holder of circles and safe space. A womxn living in California learning how to grow roots with my Beloved. I am a human, struggling with and ecstatic about being alive.

Who I am becoming

A catalyst for our collective awakening.

I believe that

  • we need to feel to heal, and honest conversations with each other will change the world. We need to sit in more circles, and spend time with people that are different than us. Embracing our authentic feelings is the way to our liberation.
  • We are here at this time for a divine purpose, which is to transmute the eons of collective suffering that live in our cells. Our emotions are Spirit moving through us, and the path of repression is no longer feasible.
  • Singing will change the world, because it drops us out of the mind, connects us to the Divine within and reminds us of what true harmony feels like.
  • There is truth to the ‘create your reality’ message, but I’ve found that at this stage in collective consciousness this phrase has been misconstrued and is often used as a bypass instead of empowering our true sovereignty. We need to ground the guidance of spirit into our human bodies, and the only way to do this is to show up and do the work in the physical realm.

I want you to know

that I’m an ordinary human. I’m messy and judgmental, and radiant and beautiful. My journey is one of learning to embrace the darkness and accept all parts of myself with unconditional love. And then to share it with you authentically. I find myself cycling between bliss and despair quite often, and have developed many tools & practices to love myself and keep moving through the ups and downs of life.

My approach is

one of creating safe space for your insights to arise organically from within your heart and soul. Through active listening, intentional ceremony, and providing reflections I help you see the parts of yourself that you’ve been hiding. I am a direct channel for the Galactic Center of the Milky way, and I incorporate guidance from the stars to help you connect to your true nature. Through energy work, medicine music, and an accessible approach to healing, ceremony, and spiritual work, I make the sacred accessible and ignite a remembrance within you. You are the healer, the musician, the ceremonialist, the artist, the dancer, and the ultimate Creator. You are the one you have been waiting for.

My tools are

from my personal experience of reuniting my cosmic & human natures, and shedding conditioned beliefs around who I am and who I thought I was supposed to be. These tools have healed me, and nourished me in ways beyond anything I could have imagined.

As a certified Yoga teacher, Cacao ceremonialist and Usui Reiki Practitioner I’ve learned how to make our human vessels a place that we truly want to embody. My travels have been my biggest teacher, where I developed my obsession with sitting in circles for group process, discovered my musical gifts & learned how to listen to my intuition. Through song, cacao & ceremony I guide you into a feeling-state where you can access unseen parts of yourself.

My identities

I present as white, and identify as half-Mexican and half-European. I am a cis-gendered middle-class woman born on occupied Turtle Island, or what we now call the United States of America. I grew up on the land of the Dakota Sioux now called St. Paul, Minnesota. My ancestors come from Mexico, Britain, Germany and Norway. I currently live in Northern California, occupied land of the Nisenan People.

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Photo cred: Alison Vieira, Sara Strickler & Alyssa Parr

MY JOURNEY with cacao

I didn't choose to start sharing cacao, Cacao chose me to start sharing her.

After sharing photos of my morning rituals on Instagram, people started asking lots of questions.

Then, Business Insider referenced me in an article about how Cacao was a new SF fad, without my prior knowledge. As I read through the article full of misinformation I knew I had to speak up. I couldn't let people learn about this plant spirit that has brought so much to my life from a misinformed article.

Then I started receiving questions from people trying to make ceremonial cacao using cacao powder from the bulk section at Whole Foods.

I had to do something. But I didn't know what.

I went to a Redwood grove near my house and took 7 Cacao wafers with me.

I laid down on a picnic table and started writing.

I received my whole business, including my online course, in 30 minutes.
I attribute my work completely to the healing work I've done with plants, the teachers, guides, peers and Elders along the way, the guidance of the Cacao spirit, and the wisdom of the Redwoods.

I have so much honor and respect for this medicine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

My relationship with cacao is deeply personal, and I am mostly self-taught. While cacao grows near the equator around the world, Mesoamerican cultures have a history of working with cacao in ceremonial contexts going back ~4,000 years. I am not an indigenous carrier of this medicine, and it is important to bring awareness to and honor the Maya people, and the other indigenous tribes from Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, Peru and more that have nurtured and protected this medicine for centuries.

My intention for sharing cacao in this way is to 1) follow the guidance from the Cacao spirit in wanting to reach more people and bring us back into a heart-centered, balanced way of life 2) educate people around sustainable high quality sources so we are collectively supporting small family farms using permaculture principles instead of industrial farms that are raping the land and disrespecting and displacing farmers in developing countries and 3) complete the circle by returning a portion of my profits to indigenous people working with Cacao, and investing in projects that support Mother Earth.

Thank you for being here.

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