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What to Expect This Eclipse Season & How to Handle It

Have you been feeling especially crazy lately? Overwhelmed? More Reactive? Anxious? Emotional?

Starting with the recent New Moon on June 13 we’ve entered into a wormhole (space-time tunnel) that is bringing up all of our shit to be looked at. Literally.

All of our repressed emotions, unseen traumas, and density in our cells that has been holding us back from embodying our purpose is coming up and out. It's a very activating (and exciting) time to be alive!

In this free webinar I will share:

  • The upcoming astrological events to be aware of (super new moons, eclipses, planetary alignments)
  • When this Eclipse portal ends and what to expect throughout 
  • Why it feels so challenging to be alive right now and what the purpose of all this is
    • Copes for staying centered, including
    • A Cacao Ritual
      • Calling on our plant, animal and ethereal guides for support
      • Utilizing stargates (1111, 222, 333, etc) to affirm you are on the right path
      • Infusing intentionality into every area of your life to reclaim your Sovereign nature
      • My favorite energetic hygiene techniques
  • Where we will be at the end of this wormhole and why this is super exciting!


Sign up here to join!

This will be a LIVE video call over Zoom, and there will be time for Q&A at the end. A lot of the information I share is channeled directly from our Galactic Center, and joining live will ensure full download of the light codes in the messages I'm sharing.

This will also be recorded to re-watch later, or tune in at a more convenient time.

Questions? E-mail me at

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