Into The Cosmic Heart Gate Retreat
to Sep 9

Into The Cosmic Heart Gate Retreat

Dive into your cosmic heart with Alex Crow and I as we explore the embodied activations available to us through Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra & Cacao Ceremony. This will be a time of tuning in to the wisdom within you during the potent New Moon cycle. Located at a beautiful private retreat center in the Occidental Redwoods, we will commune with nature, connect with each other, and explore our inner worlds.

Think beautiful luscious yoga, fire & cacao ceremonies in a massive teepee and delicious high vibration food to nourish you mind, body & soul.

September 6 - 9 in Occidental, California

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What to Expect This Eclipse Season & How to Handle It
12:00 PM12:00

What to Expect This Eclipse Season & How to Handle It

Have you been feeling especially crazy lately? Overwhelmed? More Reactive? Anxious? Emotional?

Starting with the recent New Moon on June 13 we’ve entered into a wormhole (space-time tunnel) that is bringing up all of our shit to be looked at. Literally.

All of our repressed emotions, unseen traumas, and density in our cells that has been holding us back from embodying our purpose is coming up and out. It's a very activating (and exciting) time to be alive!

In this free webinar I will share:

  • The upcoming astrological events to be aware of (super new moons, eclipses, planetary alignments)

  • When this Eclipse portal ends and what to expect throughout

  • Why it feels so challenging to be alive right now and what the purpose of all this is

  • Copes for staying centered, including

    • Calling on our plant, animal and ethereal guides for support

    • Utilizing stargates (1111, 222, 333, etc) to affirm you are on the right path

    • Infusing intentionality into every area of your life to reclaim your Sovereign nature

    • My favorite energetic hygiene techniques

  • Where we will be at the end of this wormhole and why this is super exciting!

This will be a LIVE video call over Zoom, and there will be time for Q&A at the end. A lot of the information I share is channeled directly from our Galactic Center, and joining live will ensure full download of the light codes in the messages I'm sharing.

This will also be recorded to re-watch later, or tune in at a more convenient time.

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Questions? E-mail me at

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Jaguar Spirit Cacao Ceremony With Sena & Mae (LA)
3:00 PM15:00

Jaguar Spirit Cacao Ceremony With Sena & Mae (LA)

Cacao Ceremony with Sena Shellenberger & Mae Aguirre in a private home in Santa Monica
Sunday, June 10th at 3pm 

Join us as our medicine comes together in sacred ceremony to celebrate 12 N'oj: A beautiful day in the Mayan Calendar to connect with our Divine Mother, Pachamama. ♡ In gratitude and love, we will reconnect with our hearts with help from Mama Cacao.

~ Basic info:
– Please arrive 10 min before to set up your space. 
– Loving exchange of $33 via or paypal (email

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7:30 PM19:30

Cacao Ceremony @ Twisted Thistle Apothecaire

In this ceremony, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the psycho-emotional barriers of the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies thru drinking the sacred cacao. We will learn about the benefits of working with cacao as a plant ally, sing medicine songs, meditate, and then lie down to receive a restorative inspirational sound journey. You will leave this event feeling nourished, inspired, and clear on your path. We will create a safe space for you to journey into the depths of yourselves and reconnect with your divine purpose in this lifetime.

Come drop into your heart and receive the vast unconditional love that is always available to you.

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1:00 PM13:00

New Moon Cacao Ceremony


Exchange: $60

We will gather in sacred circle to tune into the rhythms of our individual and collective hearts by connecting with the Cacao spirit on this Pisces New Moon.

The event will include: Cacao ceremony, sacred song, shamanic drumming and sound healing, reiki touch healing, meditation and circle sharing--you will leave feeling nourished, inspired and clear.

Space is limited to first 15 RSVPS. Please RSVP by sending payment to or @senashakti on Venmo.

Come drop into your heart center with Cacao, and receive the vast unconditional love that is always available to you.

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