How To Feel Your Feelings & Why It's Important

Have you been noticing more reactiveness in the air? I’ve been feeling more snappy lately, and my defenses are on high.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to order new internet service. About 1.5 hours in, I started crying as I was on hold. At first I thought I was crying because I was frustrated at the bureaucratic process, but underneath it was a deep fear around my financial security that has been coming up lately, and the act of purchasing another new service was bringing it up. After I allowed myself to feel all of the fear and cry it out, I started to feel more clear. Today I woke up energized and motivated.

One of the pillars I shared in my recent Eclipse Season webinar was the importance of feeling our feelings during this time. Feelings, or emotions, are energy-in-motion, and energy is Source, Spirit, that which breathes us all.

When emotions arise, think of it as Source moving through you.

While we’ve been conditioned to repress our emotions and our society doesn’t know how to hold us when we express our feelings openly, this is exactly the work that we came here to do.

We carry eons of trauma & karma in our cells, and the stars are aligning in the perfect way to activate this and bring it up and out. The process of clearing & healing trauma often happens in the form of emoting. If we can release control, soften the barriers around our hearts, and shift our perspective from it being an ‘emotional breakdown’ to a cleansing break-open, we will move through these emotional processes with much more ease & empowerment.

Not sure how to feel your feelings? I’ve developed the A.R.I.S.E. method to help you get started:

  • Awareness - Being aware of the signs that an emotion is arising within you is the key to eventually being able to release it. Because we’re not taught this, we often aren’t aware that there is an emotion repressed within us at all. Here are some tell-tale signs that an emotion is coming up for me:
    • Unmotivated, unproductive, self-sabotage, procrastinating, thinking I’m unclear even when I know I am
    • Tendency to go into victim mindset
    • Low energy, needing to rest a lot
    • Overly reactive, defensive and snappy
    • Resentful
    • What are your tell-tale signs that an emotion is arising?
  • Release & allow yourself to breakdown break-open - this one is the hardest to define, and often the hardest to ‘do,’ because the point is to let go of doing. A simple way to think of it, is once you are aware that an emotion is arising, allow it to come. Release the need to control or understand what’s happening intellectually. Let’s say that you are doing the dishes and you start feeling grief well up inside of you out of nowhere. Allow the tears to come, even if you can’t explain it.
    • Once you start doing this, you may find a wellspring of feelings inside of you that have been repressed for a long time. Continue allowing. You will feel so much more clear, and so much more yourself the more you are able to allow the emotions to flow through you.
    • An important note here is that this process is helpful for deepening emotional self-awareness and processing of general emotions. I want to acknowledge those that have intense physical & emotional trauma, PTSD, and mental illness that may require the support of a healing professional such as a therapist. If there is a risk of you harming yourself or others during an emotional release process, it is important to seek support from someone capable of holding safe space for this process.
  • Intuitive Movement - Remember how emotions are energy in motion? The fear of the suffering is often worse than the suffering itself, and sometimes we can be so afraid to feel the unknown pain arising that we stop moving so the emotional energy stops flowing. Intentional movement through dance, song, an unplanned nature walk, free-form stretching or yoga, and intuitive self massage can be very cathartic and free up stuck energy.
  • Safe space - I find that I’m really good at distracting myself from going into my emotions. When we’re constantly checking things off our to-do list and filling our calendar with social events, we don’t have any space for emotions (Source) to move through us. Block some time on your calendar where you can be in a safe space to allow your emotions to come. This may mean privacy, sanctuary, nature time, baths, lots of candles, soothing music, scheduling a therapy session, you name it.
  • Empowerment - processing emotions can feel heavy, yet the clarity and openness we experience after a big release is unparalleled. And this should be celebrated! We are powerful warriors for being here at this time, because this work is not always easy. When you are in the midst of an emotional process, you can empower yourself to maintain a higher perspective that the work you are doing is for yourself AND the collective. Embrace all the parts of you that were hurt, or triggered from past trauma. Celebrate the incredible beauty that exists in your capacity to feel so deeply. Celebrate the joy that you can access once you have plumbed the depths of despair. Reclaim your sovereignty.

We are being called to step up in major ways, and we can choose whether to succumb to the trauma or arise to meet it. May this method help you arise into sovereign ownership of your emotional body and the work you came here to do.

Are you looking for more support? My 6-week online course starts soon, and we will be working with ceremonial cacao as an ally to help us arise into our sovereign selves. We will be going deep into this A.R.I.S.E. method through group ceremony, learning how to create ritual, learning how to work with plant spirits to support us during our emotional releases, and so much more.

Registration is open until 7/10 at 11:59pm PT.

With love & empowerment,