The Current Wave Ascension Activation

Can you feel the activation in the air? Since publicly sharing about my role as an Ascension Guide and telling my activation story on Instagram, I've been getting countless messages from people saying they are receiving similar messages. More people are feeling the call to share their stories and their gifts. We're at the tipping point where our Truth is more powerful than our fear.

We are awakening on a global level.

We are letting our magic out.

Can you feel it?

I'm realizing how all of the work I have done over the past 3 years (and, lifetimes) has led me here to this moment. My yoga teacher training & dedicated practice has helped me embody my divine light.

My deep heart work with Cacao has helped me tune into my multidimensional heart, which is the bridge between all aspects of my Self and my Soul throughout time and space. With this connection I have anchored in a deep knowing and trust in my own guidance, that can be hard to access when we're wading through dense layers societal conditioning. I live my life based on a principle of Divine Love, that gives me faith during the immense challenges we are facing as a collective right now.

The spirit of Cacao has gifted me with the skill & privilege to share her medicine in ceremonies. I'm now realizing this is an access point where I can activate others' multidimensional hearts, and create unified frequencies of Love.

The medicine of gathering together and sharing our hearts is not to be underestimated during these times.

How do you find yourself embodying your divinity each day? Have you been receiving more visions & downloads? Share your story below, I'd love to hear from you!