WTF Is Happening - Super New Moon in Gemini (June 13, 2018)

This last week was heavy. Loved ones feeling overwhelmed by the Earth plane and choosing to leave it. In the Mayan calendar we just completed a 13-day cycle focused on death & rebirth. Yesterday was a super new moon in Gemini. We are now officially approaching Eclipse season. We have 2 more super new moons on the way.

WTF is happening?

I just had my world rocked by this moon in a completely unexpected way. And as my days are filled with new levels of highs they are matched with new depths of lows. So much so, that the duality between the two is shrinking. It's shifting so quickly from moment to moment, that presence is all I can hold on to.

What I'm understanding from the star realms is that we are unveiling new depths of the shadow within us. Like shadows that have never. been. loved. before. These 3 super new moons in a row are asking us to invite the darkness into our hearts in a way that is so profound it will shift our entire being.

It's unparalleled.

We're anchoring in so much light now that we've started a process that is irreversible, which can cause stress & fear. We have a deep knowing that something is happening and we can't turn back. The fear of suffering is almost always worse than the suffering itself, and what we are moving into is a return home... to our truth... unity consciousness. It's not suffering at all. We are so much bigger than what we experience in our human forms, and when we start to tap into that it's scary AF... but our divine love is more powerful, and this love is on a mission.

So how do we cope?

Connect with sunlight & the earth. Ground and center yourself. Breathe. Connect with like-hearted souls that nourish you. Allow the feelings of depression, fear, rage, grief to flow through as much as possible. Feel them, see the roots, and welcome them into your heart. No need to dwell in the emotions, but we are each responsible for the purging of the collective, along with mother earth and her terrifying glory.

And we gotta feel it to heal it.

A New (Ancient) Calling

You may have noticed my content shifting lately. A lot more star-talk and ascension speak woven in. It's because I'm organically starting to claim my role here as an Ascension Guide. This is something I've been quietly working on behind the scenes for the last 3 years, and it's starting to pour out of me whether I like it or not... because it is me. I'm here, and I'm done hiding. How liberating!

How are you supporting yourself during this moon time? What practices do you know will nourish you? How can you comfort yourself when you are afraid or confused?

Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. Want to go deeper? We'll be diving in to the collective themes and coping mechanisms in our Summer Solstice Virtual Cacao Ceremony on June 22.